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Shapeshifter Yoga Review

So you find it difficult to sweat it all out in the gym? You have been trying hard to lose that stubborn fat but still it doesn’t go away.You don’t like exercises and feel that they are too boring and exhausting.You are not the crunches and the cardio types and still you want toned abs, firm butt and jiggle free arms.You want to be the centre of everyone’s attention. You want to have that perfect body without working too hard. In short you want that hottest and sexiest body ever.

Welcome to Kris Fondran’s Shapeshifter Yoga that helps in reshaping our body in just one hour a week without going to the gym ever again. Kris is a former runner and yoga enthusiast and has done masters in exercise science and has been a yoga teacher for more than 12 years. She was a long distance marathon runner who discovered one day a slow moving, relaxing and focused yoga. Yoga transformed her body like anything.

Does Shapeshifter Yoga Works

Yoga is not at all stressful. Yoga is anti-ageing. It is more effective for our body as compared to those gym exercises. Yoga also helps in lowering blood sugar levels and fights body fat. Shapeshifter Yoga helps tone muscles, relieves pain and also helps in better sleep. The program concentrates on arms, thighs, butt and tummies, all of these contain stubborn fat which refuses to go away and more and more fat keeps depositing here. The exercises are to be done 20 minutes a day, three days a week at the comfort of your home.The program aims to cleanse our mind, body and soul and get rid of all the ailments.

The program explains the importance of feeling connected with our own bodies. It contains videos for our better guidance and helps us to lose fat and reshape our body without those hard and stressful exercises. Once we purchase the program, we get unlimited access to yoga videos, manuals and charts. The program is proven to be safe and effective. Once we start to follow the program, we will feel more relaxed and healthy and more energetic. Some people can’t get up in the morning, some people can’t walk, whatever the reason is, just follow the program and watch your pain go. I personally suggest those suffering from joint pain should definitely go for it as this program will ease you of the pain. The program is also good for those who are under depression as it will help you erase your stress and come out of depression. The program helps lower the tension and anger levels. Also the sessions are short and a lot fun.Yoga helps us in breathing in a more relaxed manner and makes us feel younger. You will have a better and glowing skin.

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The package comes with three eBooks, three DVD’s and one MP3. Components of the package include
  • Quick start manual worth $37
  • Pose video library worth $67
  • Program video worth $57
  • Everyday flow follow along video worth $37
  • Pose manual worth $19
  • At-a-Glance wall charts worth $19
The Shapeshifter Yoga program is suitable for all men and women of any age. The program can be followed by those also who are new to yoga as you can first view and read the pose and then watch the video and then listen to the instructions while doing it yourself. The program is suitable for all those who want to improve their fitness levels. And the program is a must for those women who are 45 and above as following the program will improve their sex life by increase in desire and intensifying satisfaction.

After following the Shapeshifter Yoga program you will have better concentration power and better memory. The program concentrates on movements by practising different postures and exercises. The program also explains the relationship between food and exercise which helps lose fat.

Shapeshifter Yoga helps in losing weight quickly and permanently without going to the gym and without using drugs and supplements and helps you attain a flexible body.So now, stop depending on others to help you get your work done. Instead follow the Shapeshifter Yoga and rock again.

In short, yoga will:
  • Make us feel less anxious and more energized
  • Make us lose stubborn flab and belly fat
  • Firm and tone us
  • Make us more confident
  • Vanish tension, stress and anxiety
  • Make us feel more energized
  • Will make us sleep like a baby at night
  • Improve flexibility in our joints and muscles
  • Help us enjoy the best sex of our life
  • Make us suffer less pain and discomfort.
Benefits of Yoga

The program also helps:
  • Sculpt and tone muscles to burn more fat
  • Lowers cortisol to stop stress eating and weight gain
  • Helps love our body so the pounds melt off
The total Shapeshifter Yoga program costs $226, however if you order now then it is available for just two payments of $27 each and is a value for money as it helps reduce fat and pain, gain energy and makes us stronger. The program is completely effective. Thousands of people have tried it and noticed the difference. The program can also be viewed on mobile so it is available wherever you go.

Once you buy The Shapeshifter Yoga, you also get free gifts with it worth $88:
  • Follow along audio files worth $29
  • Breath awareness meditation audio worth $23
  • Body awareness absolute stillness audio worth $17
  • Yoga nidra guided meditation audio worth $19
You will notice the difference in just 7 days. The Shapeshifter Yoga program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, then you get all your money back within 60 day free trial period.

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So call now toorder and start shaping your body and be the apple of everyone’s eyes. Flaunt the sexiest body ever.

Get revitalized and rejuvenated with the Shapeshifter Yoga program!